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Fuente del Fuego -


The band "Fuente del Fuego" represents a world of fresh, spirited Spanish and Latin American music from Munich. In addition to the fiery danced flamenco from Andalusia, instrumental guitar pieces (e.g. by Paco de Lucia) and songs by the Gipsy Kings and Juanes, for example, as well as original compositions belong to the group's repertoire. The wide musical spectrum with music from the Spanish-speaking world is what makes the munich music group "Fuente del Fuego" so special.



Traditional flamenco pieces, as well as small parts with spanish pop music and original compositions. 


The band plays interludes (e.g. for 30 minutes) as well as an evening program for two hours. The cast can also be flexible, depending on the size of the location or your wishes.

Ideal for deposits at weddings - summer parties at companies -  exhibitions - private celebrations


"...ein außergewöhnliches Musikereignis"

Quelle: OVB-Online Hier

"Ein Auftritt wie ein Feuerwerk! 

Alle Gäste waren total begeistert!"

Quelle: Eventpeppers Hier

Videos: hier


- Castle Pertenstein Traunreut (insert wedding)

- Stadthalle Germering (Long Night of Music)

- Hague farmers market

- Wein Feldmann Munich 

- Stuttgart Flamenco Festival

- and much more




Maqamundo -

MAQAMUNDO stands for music that brings together oriental and western culture in a fresh and modern way. In addition to well-known pieces from the Arabic and Spanish tradition, MAQAMUNDO mainly plays the compositions of their oud player Maruan Betawi. This is also reflected in the band's debut album "Orient Spirit" (2020).


Traditional and modern Arabic music in combination with flamenco guitar.

Modern instrumental pieces, varied with vocals. 


The band offers an evening program of up to two hours. 

Ideal for theater - summer parties - festivals - larger stages


- Passau Jazz Festival

- Dubai "House of Wisdom" & "KAVE"

- Munich Long Night of Music "Library Neuhausen" 

- World Music Festivals 

- Gasteig Munich "Blackbox"

- A world house

- and much more


A world of fresh, spirited spanish and latin american music from Munich. In addition to the fiery flamenco guitar pieces such as tangos and bulerías, there are also instrumentals by Paco de Lucia, Paco Cepero and my own Kompositions of the DUO to the program.


Running time: 30 - 60 minutes



With traditional - modern flamenco guitar pieces, such as Paco de Lucia, Gipsy Kings, Paco Cepero or original compositions. 



Various performances as “special acts” up to 60 minutes.


Current reference:

- Mandarin Oriental Hotel Munich

- Munich hop garden

- Various inserts 


"The guests were super excited!! Thank you so much,

that everything went so smoothly. "

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Munich `2023 (K. Stöhr)

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