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oliver noezel flamenco guitar player


Flamenco was love for me at first tone. Even the first chance listening to a flamenco sampler overwhelmed me with its temperament and passion. Since then it has become an integral part of my life. Like her country of origin, Andalusia, it symbolizes pure joy of life, wild, stirring and full of moving stories.

Over the years as a guitarist, I have played a wide range of music in various formations, from latin american to arabic music. But flamenco remains the center of my work as a musician. I return to him again and again, whether solo or in cooperation with others,  in workshops with well-known flamenco greats or in concert on stage with different projects in Berlin, Dubai & others.

It gives me the opportunity to express myself and develop myself as an artist. This music is also special to me because it has the ability to go beyond the language and cultural barriers and touch where we are all the same: in our feelings. As a musician, I want to bring this fascinating experience closer to my audience and share it with them. As often as possible.

Current booking request options:

- Spanish DUO two guitars with Spanish instrumental pieces of music (approx. 1 hour)

- Spanish live music with four musicians and flamenco dance (approx. 2 hours)

- Arabic live music with four musicians (approx. 2 hours)

- Individual requests vary with number of musicians

Current musical projects:

- Fuente del Fuego

- Maqamundo     

- Lucero Flamenco

Press article:

OVB online here

Live performance highlights:

- Mandarin Oriental Hotel Munich, Special Act (2023)

- Gasteig HP8 mit Maqamundo (2023)

- DUBAI with Maqamundo in KAVE & House of Wisdom (2022)

- Music Workshop DUBAI in KAVE "the Story of Instruments"  (2022​​)

- Pasinger Fabrik Munich (2022)


- EP "la cuerda y el viento" (2023)

- Maqamundo - Album - Orient Spirit (2021)

- Maex LA x Oliver Nözel (rap single 2021)

- Jazz on Vinyl Vol.2 (2019) (sale of the LP on request)

Online Guitar Lessons:

- on demon / Online Video Lessons

flamenco guitar
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